Mathematics Department

Cadet Christopher has 4 pencils and 7 apples. How many pancakes will fit on the roof?

Educating today’s students for lives of leadership and service requires mathematical proficiency. Our Mathematics department is committed to helping FMS Cadets develop a taste for inquisitiveness, reason, and analysis. Developing problem solving skills and learning how to be a critical thinker are fueled by mathematic intelligence. Small class sizes allow for one-on-one support to help each student overcome fears and resistance to tackling difficult material. The FMS math curriculum includes continuous SAT preparation and prepares students for college level work. Course advancement is based upon demonstrated content mastery.

Basic Math

This course provides basic math skills so students will be prepared to go on to Pre-Algebra.


This course emphasizes the eight parts of speech, building of vocabulary, and involved sentence structure. Students are introduced to short theme composition and public speaking. A survey of literature includes selected novels and short stories.

Algebra I

Algebra I covers the symbols and language of algebraic sentences. Students learn to work with rational numbers and polynomials. The study of equations is vital before graphing and basic trigonometry are covered.


Geometry involves the study of figures such as triangles, parallelograms, circles, spheres, rectangles, planes and cones. Geometry is more than a study of lines, angles and polygons. It is an exercise in thought and teaches a new way of logical thinking. (Prerequisite: Algebra I.)

Algebra II

In addition to the review and expansion of Algebra I topics, students work with relations and functions, set theory, basic trigonometry, logarithms, vectors, permutations and combinations, probability and other related areas. (Prerequisite: Algebra I)


Trigonometry may be offered as an alternative to Pre-Calculus and Calculus depending on cadet needs. Prerequisites require demonstrated proficiency in Algebra-II or equivalent to be placed in this course. The course would begin with review of fundamental to advanced geometry and the related algebra with an emphasis on functions. This course will also add artistic value through graphing reflections, translations, dilations, and tessellations of various functions.

Algebra II with Trigonometry

Algebra II students with higher proficiency are selected for Algebra II with Trigonometry. The course covers Algebra II concepts with polynomial expansion, analytic geometry, exponential and logarithmic functions, completing the square, and time permitting, matrices and determinants and will include Trigonometry concepts.


Offered as a solid foundation for Calculus, Pre-Calculus is an excellent college math preparatory course. Advanced Algebra covers relations and functions, graphs, higher degree equations and computation. Trigonometry includes trigonometric applications, functions, graphs and equations. Advanced geometric studies include the parabola, ellipse and hyperbola. The course concludes with matrices and vectors. (Prerequisite: Geometry and Algebra II).

Calculus (AB and BC)

This advanced mathematics course is offered to selected students with demonstrated exceptional ability in the area of math. Pre-Calculus must be completed with at least a C average. Taught as an AP Course.